Pickleball Franchise

This Is Not Just Any Indoor Franchise

This is your moment to seize a truly extraordinary opportunity. Open a PickleRage indoor pickleball club and take advantage of this rapidly expanding industry
Did you know that pickleball was invented in 1965 by three dads who didn’t want their children to get bored over the summer? Today, it’s the most popular community-played sport in the U.S., for children and adults of all ages.

Year-Round Courts For Players Recurring Revenues For Franchises

People will choose PickleRage for a premium pickleball experience.

Your Club Will Be Outrageously Cool – PickleRage-ous!

Can’t you just picture the ultimate pickleball destination you will create for new and experienced players looking for a home to play their sport? Don’t worry, we will provide you with all the necessary specifications as you build your ideal indoor recreation franchise facility:

  • Indoor, state-of-the-art sports complexes, with 25,000 to 50,000 square feet of space for 12 to 15 courts to accommodate plenty of players and provide maximum play availability.
  • Pro Shop.
  • Grab n’ Go Snack Counter.
  • Leagues, Lessons, and Tournaments.

These additional services add potential revenue streams to further build your business.

And exceptional professional guidance and resources from a team that specializes in getting businesses up and running in optimized locations.

We’ve got you covered. This is a franchise model designed to be a year-round, recurring revenue-driven model that’s easy to manage (with minimal staffing required)!

It's Time to Play.

Open a New PickleRage Indoor Recreation Franchise and Serve Your Community … While You Smash the Competition.