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This is Your Chance to Own a Winning Pickleball Franchise brought to you by a team of dedicated professionals specializing in Commercial Real Estate. Now you can own a business that gives pickleball players what they demand: priority access to year-round, indoor pickleball courts

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Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the US…it’s so outrageously popular, it’s PickleRage-ous!* As an indoor PickleRage club owner, you will give pickleball players of all ages exactly what they want: Rain or Shine Indoor Pickleball! And you’ll do it by leveraging an expert team that brings real estate, operations, marketing, legal, and many other areas of expertise to the table… or should we say, to the court?

The leadership team behind PickleRage is a group of commercial real estate pros who have taken the guesswork out of finding exceptional, transformable commercial spaces to create the ultimate pickleball experience. Now we are seeking talented, motivated, and financially qualified entrepreneurs who can help us grow the PickleRage brand and leverage this tremendous market potential.

Pickleball Stats


Casual player growth 2020-21


2022 registered players for USA Pickleball National Championships


Under 24 growth 2020-21


Average age for all players in 2021

4.8 Million

total pickleball participants 2020-21 represent 1.6% of the US population

2022 Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) single sport report about pickleball.

Franchise Opportunities For Active & Passive Owners

As a PickleRage franchisee, you’ll embark on a journey to build an indoor pickleball club in your community, navigating the process with fewer obstacles than typically encountered when starting a business from scratch.

We offer a variety of ownership models to match different franchisee profiles: from active, hands-on single unit management to a more passive approach with multi-location ownership. Additionally, we provide opportunities for those interested in converting an existing tennis club or other athletic facilities into a PickleRage branded destination, complete with our full support.

We’re seeking experienced business owners and entrepreneurs who are passionate about pickleball to join us as we expand PickleRage into markets near you.

A Worldclass Indoor Concept Launched By A Worldclass Team

As any business owner will tell you, having the right people around you is one of the best predictors of success. As a PickleRage franchise owner, you’ll have direct access to a highly experienced team of real estate, marketing, legal, and operational leaders each with decades of experience.

Access to a team of experienced executives is only the beginning.

As a new franchisee, you’ll receive hundreds of hours of training, software, manuals, and unfettered support from the launch of your first club to maximizing profitability along the way.

Choose a Territory that Works for You

We are on the move and rapidly expanding!

If you think you have what it takes to help us build the fastest growing recreational sport, contact us today.

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Impressive Support Systems to Leverage

The PickleRage franchise model was designed to fill large, well-located venues with a brand synonymous with pickleball enthusiasm. Here are just a few of the areas in which we support you and your team:

Real Estate

Real estate guidance through every step, from site selection, to lease negotiations, to build-out and beyond

Training & Support

Pre-opening training and support

Club Opening Support

We've "been there, done that" and we've got your back! You'll have unfettered access to marketing, logistics, operation, and other support you need to ensure your club is growing.

Continues Support

You'll receive priority access to our franchise team who can support you by phone, email, or even on-site at your location.


A recurring-revenue membership model plus other potential revenue streams and other creative ways to keep courts reserved for play


A recurring-revenue membership model plus other potential revenue streams and other creative ways to keep courts reserved for play

Ready To Get Started With A PickleRage! Franchise? Here's How It Works

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Meet the PickleRage Team in Person

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Step 5

Sign the Franchise Agreement

Step 6

Receive Comprehensive Start-Up Guidance and Training

Step 7

Open Your Doors to Pickleball Players Everywhere!

Leverage An Opportunity In The Wildly Popular Pickleball Industry

We invite you to learn more about how you can own a pickleball franchise that provides quality facilities for every level of pickleball expertise, while also providing an amazing business-building opportunity for YOU.